How to Travel on a Long Weekend

Long ago in ’05 i took my first trip on a long weekend to Rome, and ever since I have been playing a game of how far I can go without missing a day of school. So far my record is going to Taiwan for about 24 hrs. and through planning my fair share of trips I feel that i have picked up a bit of a knack for the perfect execution. First of all, you can’t get greedy with how much you want to do, if you know you’ll be somewhere for 3 days don’t try to do everything. Try to find activities or sights that everybody wants to do so you don’t waste too much time planning. Secondly, try to pick flights that arrive earlier rather than later. A perfect flight would be one where you leave in the evening and arrive in the morning, of course this might not always be an option, but it’s just something to shoot for. Third, pick a hotel with a central location near most of the things you want to do. Also, don’t be afraid to make up a trip on the spot, there’s a pretty good chance that you could save some serious money on a last minute deal, (and you might just get to spend some on the ground).

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