SE Asia Trip Report: The Final Chapter

Now we are onto the last leg of our journey, a four day stop in Singapore. This would be my second time in Singapore, but the first for my friends. We stayed at the Sentosa which is on the resort island of Sentosa. This is one of my favorite parts of Singapore, there is an island with tons of activities, an amusement park, beaches, and spas just a couple minutes outside of the city. You can take a cab or a bus/train combination to get to Singapore City and back. If you take a taxi you will have to go through a toll booth, but if you have a purple card showing that you are staying on the island, (which they will give you t the hotel), it is free. To the places I have been so far in my life Singapore is the place where I would most like to live. I am not sure how locals like it but i think it is pretty much perfect, the weather is great, there are beautiful parks, ethnic neighborhoods, you are right in the center of one of the most interesting areas in the world (in my opinion), the infrastructure is the best of any city, and of course, the big one, FOOD! Singapore is famous for all things culinary, you can eat anywhere and anything. There are super fancy European Restaurants and there are little places off the side of the road selling Indian treats, yet my favorite of all of the selection is the hawker center. All over Singapore there are massive food courts serving all types of different foods, these aren’t like food courts in malls where you can get Pizza Hut or McDonalds, this is very good fresh food that is also cheap. You can get fresh juices, Chinese, Malay, Southern Indian, and much more. Just a tip: no two hawker centers are alike, some a totally empty and some are jam packed, some smell like pee and some don’t, if for whatever reason you have a bad experience at one, then try another. While we were in Singapore we did a lot, we went to the Night Safari (fun thing to do at night if you don’t mind going out of town a ways), explored the city and went to the various malls, when I say that there is a lot of shopping in Singapore imagine all the stores on 5th Avenue or the Champs-Elysees, now pretend that all those stores are actually giant malls. Singapore is somewhere that some people hate, (I have no idea why), and some people love, I would suggest finding out how you like it soon!

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