Dream Hotels: Maldives

This group of islands is famous for its stunning beaches and incredible hotels. Though it is a ridiculous hassle to get anywhere near these destinations I think its worth it merely to see the accomadations. The one downside of these hotels is that if you don’t like villas with beautiful views of the ocean on stilts in the crystal clear water you are sorrowfully out of luck, but since most people do like these things feast your eyes!

My favorite out of all the choices is Soneva Gili. Though it is the most expensive it might just warrant the cost. Words will not do this resort justice, it looks like something from a story book, like something that could never actually exist. And the best part is that it is only 20 min. boat ride from the main airport.

Photo Credit: Soneva Gili

My next pick is the place where relaxation is perfected. Cocoa Island is an island which you can walk from tip to tip in under 15 minutes. All there is is the hotel and absolutely nothing else. There are no cities, towns, nothing, it is simply an island that houses a lovely resort. This is the perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing for however long you like, but if you aren’t yet ready to undertake such a challenge I would recommend a different place to stay.

Photo Credit: Cocoa IslandPhoto Credit: Cocoa Island

Finally, my last pick is the Anantara. This hotel is much more warm and playful than the previous ones. This resort is just as beautiful as the others and just as luxurious, but it gives off a more homey feel, when most of these hotels seem something more like Robinson Crusoe, just being alone, this one seems cheerier. By far the most family-friendly. Note: Right now Jetsetter is having a 4 day flash sale on the property.

Photo Credit: Anantara

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