Random Fun Facts about Flight Attendants

  • Emirates’s flight attendents receive luxurious apartments to live in in Dubai. Many include pools and gyms. 
  • Virgin Atlantic has its own bespoke lipstick and special red shoes for their cabin crew.
  • Singapore Airline’s “Singapore Girls” recieve 3.5 months of training including classes for in air grooming and walking down aisles without making noise. There are also many extracurriculars including various martial arts. They also have only 3 approved nail polishes.
  • Thai Airway’s flight attendants are required to wear separate uniforms on land and in the air. When walking through the airprt they wear a corporate purple suit. In the air they change into traditional Thai dresses. Additionally, any attendants of a nationality other that Thai are not allowed to wear the dress.
  • Ryanair’s flight attendants are paid based on a commission of how much inflight products (food/drinks) they sell.
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